Biodegradable Leather

Environmental Policy

In the leather capital of Tamil Nadu, India, SSC (est.1967) with over 50 years of production experience for some of the world's biggest brands, set up research for biodegradable and sustainable leather footwear began. After 15 years of consistent R&D, the dedicated team materialised biodegradable and sustainable leather right in time with the United Nation's SDG Policy. Our products are GI certified, green flagged and gold-rated by the LWG Environmental Stewardship Audit, which means our products are free from chrome and metal tanning and are completely biodegradable leather.
Organicraft shoes are on a mission to protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and with a promised fusion of comfort with style.
Gold Rated Tannery
sustainable leathers

Traditional tanning process from beam house with natural tannin's derived from tree barks, nut, and fruit. These natural extracts make the vegetable tanned leather unique and eco friendly.

Chrome free leather means less pollution, cleaner waste streams and improved biodegradability

Metal Free leathers are tanned and finished without resorting to heavy metals.

Degradability By Micro-Organisms In Leather.

Sustainable Circulatory Process

Our Factory

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