Leather is a natural by-product. Every Year nearly 270 Million cow hides are recycled in the leather industry. These are a by-product of the food business and without the leather industry’s ability to convert them into leather, over 7million tanners would end up in landfill, posing significant environmental and biological risks. Leather contributes to a civilization that strives to spend less, reuse more, and recycle everything possible.
Leather is animal hide that is cleaned of hair, treated (or ‘tanned’) to preserve it and then finished with a specific colour, embossing or feel. Manufacturers then turn this into footwear – the primary use – as well as clothing, fashion accessories, interiors and car upholstery. Most leather comes from bovine animals – chiefly cows, but also sheep and goats. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that around 3.8 billion cows and other bovine animals are used in leather production each year1– around one animal for every two people on the planet. Organicraft have its own tannery namely SSC in India, an environmentally accredited by Leather Working Group. Although there are clear environmental improvements that still need to be made, that traditional leather remains the best material currently on the market. We really try our best to minimise the chemicals used, and prioritise natural and vegetable tanning processes,” With continuous research on cleaner natural tanning practices coupled with modern biochemistry for eco sustainable leathers by achieving reduced carbon footprint and zero circular wastage in our production, we have established specialty biodegradable Organicraft® leathers. The raw stocks are carefully chosen and sourced from selected origins of India in a socially responsible and traceable way. The traditional tanning process from the beamhouse uses mineral-free natural tannins derived from tree barks, nuts and fruits. These natural extracts make vegetable tanned leathers unique and bring about a rich and authentic finish in them. Apart from being free from all hazardous substances, it is metal free, and free from toxic chemicals enabling us to label them with minimal negative impact on the environment. To complete our organic and vegetable tannage we have established complete solvent-free finishing. Therefore, eliminating the possible toxic wastes from processes and negative effect on human health in our leather and workplace. Our progress has been monitored by achieving LWG gold rating for the last nine years and the company’s effort to become a B CORP certified organization. Organicraft® offers niche products in today’s environmentally aware and sustainability driven market. “We are doing everything we can to extend the life cycle of a product, and when we get a product back that we can't repair, we put it into a waste reclamation programme so that it gets turned into energy
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