At SSC we ensure contribution towards environmental protection by all employees and processes. This is achieved by our commitment to regulatory requirements & processes that enables pollution prevention. We also focus on continual improvement and resource conservation. SSC green leather & eco sustainability initiatives are as follows.


No. Certificate Our Commitment
  • LWG Certified Leather Manufacturer.
  • Gold Rated Tannery since 2012.
  • Validity until August 2022.
    2 Green Belt Tannery Green Belt Tannery
    More than 25,000 agroclimatic specific tree plantations in and around the SSC tannery zone to help control carbon emissions. 28 rainwater harvesting collection and storage areas to recharge the ground water. Next target is to reach planting 30,000 trees by 2025.
    3 Traceability Traceability
    SSC has long developed and implemented raw material traceability suitable to the local domain and are working now maximum transparency on localised collection centres.
    4 Organic Tan-Veg Tan Organic Tan-Veg Tan
    Traditional tanning process from beam house with natural tannin's derived from tree barks, nut, and fruit. These natural extracts make the vegetable tanned leather unique and eco friendly. It is a metal free tanning process & also free from all hazardous substances. Vegetable tanned leather has no negative mpact on the environment. Our goal is to become Green Tannery (100% sustainable tanning).
    We are working towards ensuring a 100% ZDHC Roadmap to Zero compliant supplier base. Currently 60% of the suppliers are already ZHDC compliant, and we target to reach Level 3 compliance with them by 2023.
    6 Zero Liquid Discharge Zero Liquid Discharge
    Implementing recycling of 95% water recovery of processed water by primary, biological 8 tertiary treatment with 3 stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE) followed by Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) for salt recovery. Obtained certification from state pollution control board.
    7 Circular Waste Management Circular Waste Management
    From traditional waste management we have progressed and achieved regenerative circularity in the cycle. With responsible manufacturing we are working to zero plastic usage and other non- decomposable materials.
    8 Carbon Footprint Carbon Footprint
    Usage of solar energy for hot water generation, biofuel used for boilers and thermic-fluid heater. Thus, saving fossil fuels. Continuous upgradation of production technology, minimized consumption of energy resources to achieve effective and efficient energy conservation, thereby monitoring the extent of LCA impact to reduce the net carbon footprint.
    9 Social Sustainability
    We promote safe and fair social and labor conditions for our valued workers. We closely measure the social impact of manufacturing across areas such as wages, working hours, health and safety, and employee treatment.

    We believe that practising sustainable compliance as our policy will have a good impact on society and the environment. Our company models are more resilient and better placed for long-term sustainability. We are committed to strengthening progress and improving futures by behaving responsibly to create Healthy People, Healthy Places, and Healthy Plane

                     Ethical Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility:

    • The company shall work only if the manufacturers produce a certificate of sustainability.
    • The company shall only join hands with their counterparts who pay minimum wages and are free from bonded and child labour.

    Employee welfare:

    • Paid five working days leave for grievances (loss of parent, sibling, spouse, child, miscarriage).
    • Paid menstrual and m/paternity leave (as per the government law).
    • In-office bullying and harassment of any kind will be (legally charged and) dismissed.
    • Respectful of national and religious holidays.
    • Welcoming to differently abled.
    • Unbiased towards gender and racial differences.
    • The company will not tolerate or accomplice with the customers' malicious demands.
    • Nor will the company stay a bystander to the ill-treatment of its employees by customers.
    • The company has the right to protect its business and its employees in retail, online and offline and hence will be dealt legally.
    • The company practises producing opportunities through equality and equity unbiased of the differences.
    • Assist employees with their children's schooling.
    • Ensuring that all employees receive competitive pay and comprehensive benefits as well as treated with respect

    Philanthropic Responsibility:

    • Establish Primary Health Care Centres in workplaces and residential complexes.
    • The company will donate a percentage of the annual earnings to noble causes.
    • Committed to customer care service with transparency.
    • Quick communication. Promise of quality and latest trends.
    • The company is vigilant to consumers' ideas and demands of our products
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