Britwin Ltd was founded on the idea of providing high-quality footwear to customers through easily accessible e-commerce platforms, independent stores, and wholesalers across the UK and Europe, to lower carbon emissions and thus reduce global warming.

Organicraft® A new fashion brand owned by SSC (India), a leather and shoe manufacturing company founded in 1967, is now a joint venture with Britwin Ltd. Uk, concerned about climate change as the impact of unprecedented carbonization of the atmosphere.

SSC processes Organicraft® leathers with organic tanning such as chrome-free and metal-free for a biodegradable end product, as well as historic Vegetable Tanned ‘East India' leather at its artisanal excellence.

Organicraft® goods are meticulously analysed to ensure that they correspond to the most current fashion trends. The shoes are made by experienced artisans with the latest technologies, as well as high-quality biodegradable leathers, soles, and accessories.


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