Sustainable Circulatery

While the world faces climate and environmental challenges, our commitment is to practise sustainability in every step of the day. Organicraft® leather that has been properly produced and sourced is truly a sustainable material. Hides and skins are primarily a by-product of the meat and dairy industries. The best use for those hides is to turn them into leather. Organicraft® leather is unique in its capacity to blend beauty, comfort and usefulness - the leather industry is creating a product that is both natural and long lasting. Given the large range of raw materials with varying properties and the numerous techniques established throughout time, leather production is quite diverse. We manufacture products with a wide range of attributes and appearances. Organicraft® tanning process for biodegradable leather are chrome-free and metal free and traditionally tanned vegetable leather with an artisanal quality. Organicraft® goods are meticulously analysed to ensure that they correspond to the current fashion trends. The shoes are made with high-quality leathers, soles and accessories and with the most up-to-date machinery and technology. Organicraft® shoes are environmentally sustainable, and the leathers are biodegradable, while giving it much thought in style, functionality and comfort.

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